Saturday, 11 July 2009


So Im back in England! back to my dance filled life where everyone worships dancing including me but of course Im the only one who is injured. so depressed again but not majorly but probly will be 2mro! bc at the same time I wna have fun with all my roomates bc its r last wkd 2gther! but there all tired from doing the show and also Ive to clean out my room! I cannot bliv how much crap I have accumulated! Bc I live in a diff country my aunt is gna take sum of it back to her house in england but omg I told her there wasnt that much but there is! today I ate a tin of kidney beans. I plan to have none 2mro to make up for the day where I ate 2. then lots of fruit and I have been having the runs since which is gud gud. Hopefully Ill be going out 2mro nite and possibly getting laid at last but wel c . Im not giving it up to an average joe this guy better be fuckin hot like! but ugh dont no what da roomates wna do and ppl are blah blah blah packing and what not.
gna get lots of fruit 2mro in m and s in the morning and finish packin try get a ticket to da dance show and go out in the evening! I did my exercises today b4 flying and Ill def do my abs arms and ass and legs in the morning! well def da abs and arms anyway! and the legs and da bum haha!
brikram yoga on tuesday woop woop gna be ripped!
I want lots of fruit! lots and lots and lots!
manog melon cherries!
no grapes anymore! Im sorry but that actually deserves a medal! I used to eat practically 4 boxes a day! a day! yes I am a weirdo haha x

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