Wednesday, 15 July 2009


ok so it was my last day in england yesterday for the time being! so I went on a major fruit binge! it was disgusting! I had cherries mango kiwi all the types of melon just so so so much!! it was ridickulous and den when I got home I ate a tin of kidneys beans and salad and more watermelon!!! den my ibs went crazy I cudnt sleep all nite and next thing u n I have diarea! k I no this is a disgusting post but hey at least I wasnt constipated! andn I no da calories were prbly all absorbed at least all da bulk came out! yeh!!!!
so neway I was way too sick to go to yoga today and I mitnt be starting till next week now bc I dnt wna do it alone its too hard too!!
anyway went for 2 walks 2day bout 50 mins. den did my abs and legs and twisty bord. a few minutes on mi hula hoop and an hour of physio!
I ate a bowl of watermelon. den I had had half a tink of kidneys beans and salad. den a handful of nuts. den da other half of the tin with salad. now I need a bit more salad bc Im still hungry!!! grr! but everythin I eat is now going to fit in a smal cereal bowl so its not too much! soo it lux like Im trying da 6 small meals tings and Im not gna eat after 8!
also started da day with green tea and lemon tea. still on da slim teas. cudnt find where I put my probiotics so havent taken them today!
yeh gud day! altho I dnt wnt this to be my life. I wna do sumtin else in the day! I wnt a balance! but this is hard wrk!
gna practice my music and shower and sort out all my packing and work on my wall of positivity!
my rents want me to get a job! not happening! When Im hotter next wk Ill go out for 1 night stands! dats da plan anyway xx
give me advice? if the guys rly drunk and Im a virgin but dont tell him wud he no?!

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