Friday, 10 July 2009


ew I turned int a total heffer today! I ate a kiwiw sum watermelon 2 cans of kidney beans and salad and a melon! a whle fuckin melon adn 2 small boxes of mango! da ting is I was never uncomfortable or bloated!? I think its bc I had diarea! anyway I took a shit load of laxatives and am drinking my slim t now! 2mro Im working out! havin my kidney bean salad den Im travelin back to the uk gna get sum fruit for 2nite and be minimilistic food wise for the next few days! damn Im an idiot! but yum I luv those kidney beans! xx

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  1. eww cant bliv I ate dat much! Ive had a whole melon today but Ive done a gud workout and its so sunny! had nothing else but fruit x