Thursday, 23 July 2009


ok yesterday I got up ate fruit thenw ent to town to see my friend! did a walk to the bus stop and a walk back wait did I post about this already? neway think I did! got off bus early to walk home then went for a 50 min walk in the fecking pissingn rain! ate a whole tin of kidney beans and then a shit load of fruit! very annoyed with my fruit intake tbh but watever Ill get over! today Im doing better! a bit of pineapple for breakfast. kidney bean salad (half a tin only), then 2 apples. thats it so far o and 3 baby spoons of nuts! damn those nuts and seeds! as said in FLUSHED! blog! seeds are those things you cant just have one of! y do we always wnt more of them! anyway didnt eat any for the last 2 days! also yday I was meant to not eat a yoghurt coz I had 2 the day b4 but I rli wnted 1 and drove to tesco but they were out of stock! yeh! so I didnt eat one! yeh balanced out again haha! my mm said we mite go 4 a walk and then to aldi to get lots of fruit and hopefully watermelon but the weather is being skitzo! I will still go for a walk if its raining but she wnt and I hate going alone but I will go obviously like! but I watchin amovie now. nick and norahs infinate playlist! luv it!
anyway I did all my body conditioning b4 I even left my room this morning. I extended my arms and legs conditioning to make u p for yday! Im gonna do a bit more later if Ive time too! I really wna get my walk in.
also in town yday did a bit of lifting! Im such a knacker when it comes to shoplifting and I hope it doesnt make u guys think Im not nice or whatever but I luv to do it! I get such a high! I got loads of st tropez tan! like da biggest bottle ever. then a sewing kit and beads and stuff! and fruit in m and s! dat place is so expensive!
neway dats da story for now........
Im tryna get a job at a music festival!
tryna get laid tonight! pls gd let me come across the hottest guy in the world and let him want to take my virginity!


  1. You should post pics of some of your sew projects! That's so cool, I always wanted to learn how to sew. (It is expensive tho)

    Ooh! Working at a Music Festival sounds way fun! Gettting laid is fun too, so good luck with that! ;-)

  2. haha I no I need it badly! with some randomer who wont judge me or no anything about me and Ill never c again! xx