Friday, 24 July 2009

damn it!

ok first of all got ridiculously drunk last night and turned into a moody bitch! txt this guy whos into but being rude to me a really mean msg and he was like right can we start again how are you! and I just ignored it! then txt this guy who asked me out on a date this random unreadable txt like! then got 2 guys numbers who were friends and standing beside eachother! and I was like is this not weird ur both getting my number haha! plus made up so many lies! and didnt get laid btw! didnt wna with sum random ugly person da guy has to be hot hot hot! and worship my kick ass body! haha well Im almost there! me and my brother did abs last night so did double abs! defo made up for takin da day off like! plus only ate half a tin of kidney beans and tesco are still out of alpro soya yoghurts and Im not having seeds 2day! Ive eaten 2 pairs and melon! Ill have veggie stir fry later and tea! btw Im back on these fat metaboliser tablets and I got laxee tea so Im gna have a cup a day!
g2 go physio now!
Im in a good mood! dunno why! bc its thunder and lightening out but Im still gonna fit in a walk at sum stage!

wow day turned shit! I ate and ate and ate andn just wasnt satisfied! my mom got alpro soya yoghurts ate 2 with protein and also had half a tin of kidney beans! everything was healthy but man I feel like shit now. so constipated and bloated! gud thing Im not goin out 2nite! o well! went for walk no conditioning just my physio tho! mad at myself but I am actually so tired!
2mro Ill wake up and have a shower and moisterize den do my conditioning naked aha it makes me work harder! den Il walk with my mom and go buy fruit in lidl after! no kidney beans 2mro! just fruit Im thinking yoghurt and protein! Im feeling weak and dizzy lately! love going to the physio he always says stuff like you are so petit yur just skin and bone ur muscles are so small! love it!

wont binge again ever I promise! wasnt a major binge but u n everythings healthy healthy! xx
having laxee tea now!

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  1. I love thunder storms! I guess it's a California Girl thing since we barely get rain let alone tantrum in the sky. I always think it's the coolest when I've gone to Florida, Mexico, Arizona or Hawaii in the summer and they just randomly come and go throughout the day but it's nut Freezing Balls Cold out either. The Coolest.

    But NooooOOOooo....100 degree weather over here. Boo!

    Glad your in Good Spirits today! (me too :)