Monday, 13 July 2009


ah ok so my aunt came up today to take sum of my stuff and she said Ill take u to lunch! o wonderful! isnt that what every restricted dieter wants to hear haha! neway I was like ok dont panic Ill take her to the rainbow cafe which is a vegan resteruant with gluten free options approved my Gillian McKeith! Its what I like to call a safe resteraunt. If I have to eat sumwhere it will be there! but then walking into town my aunt was like Im taking u to a korean resteraunt and I was like o fuck den it was closed so we went to my place yeh! duno if she was impressed but my mom says she is very healthy and she grows her own veg and stuff so I think it was ok. I got a 3 bean chilli with salad no dressing or cheese and brown rice. I ate none of da rice! o yeh! still no carbs for this bitch haha! well except whatever fruit counts as carbs. neway after I was like ok I wont eat for the rest of da day. of course that was followed by alt of fruit but Im finished my intake now and its 6.25 so I have a good 5 hours to digest all this b4 I go out! so fingers crossed Ill be looking fab by then. I havent yet but when I feel less full I will do my abs and stuff. g2 finish packing so when I wake up 2moro everything is gud to go!
luvage xx

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