Monday, 20 July 2009

What Ive been up to!

wow once da wkd hit I really didnt have time to blog at all! so Im gonna have a bit of a catch up now on ur guys blogs adn my own! this wkd! I think it was successful and unsuccessful at the same time. On friday it was hilarious I got up at 7 am to hit River Island sale for 8! then they didnt have the stuff I wanted in that one so I hit the next river island where the sale started at 9! I got 5 new dresses! haha! yeh! then I had a driving pre-test which went pretty well! then my friend was having a sleepover bc she was sick and couldnt go out and my other friend was coming straight to my house! so I did a 45 min boyd conditioning wrk out b4 she got here but didnt get to do a walk! neway only ate fruit that day! at the sleepover my friends no what Im like so they both me melon and strawberries while they ate pizza and also diet 7up which makes me feel full! so yeh!
The on Saturday I ate barely anything. a bit of fruit and a veg stir fry with some kidney beans. I also had to do the food shop for my mom and she insisted I tsart drinking soya milk again which isnt that big of a deal. so I bought alpro soya light and some soya yoghurts. Im now taking the yoghurts with a spoon of soya protein powder and a spoon of seeds.1 altho I need to have a day where I dont eat any seeds soon! there getting too nice! haha! I only got to do likek 20 mins body conditioning bc was with my friends all day bc they were staying in mine and we were out again that night!
Sunday had to be up for a funerl in a county 3 hrs away so had 2 hrs sleep and was up at 8 am! ahhh! had my yoghurt protein and seed mix. a peppermint tea. then at the funeral meal I had a tiny bowl of veg soup! ewww! but I had to every1 made such a big deal of me being able to eat it of course I didnt eat the bread. then for the main course I asked for a vegetarian plate bc they were serving roast beef. and I just wnted the potatoes and veg like but they were like we have pasta, veg lasagne and veg fajittas! I was like just a plate of veg and potatoes! so I ate brocolli and half a potato! haha I felt great but this bitch across from me was like oh god ur not a vegetarian are u! I live with one and she drives me mad! I was like yeh ok fuck off how is my vegetarianism affecting ur life right now! ugh what a bitch I was so angry haha!
anyway didnt eat again untill I got home I had to make a veg stir fry and then I finished my last slim t tea bag!!!!!
noooooooooooo! so on wednesday Im going to holland and barrett again and Ill get sum new diet thing to start taking and maybe some more laxee t! altho its bad for u to take them to often!
anywho so thats what I have been up 2! o and member the boy I was saying I liked but then went off! I officially blew him off it was so awkward and then he started insulting me! I was like yeh thats the way to get me back! 1 night stand thursday possibly ah! gonna try fit in 2 walks today bc it is very nice! and defo have to do my abs and ass today and my arms and legs haha!


  1.'s so annoying when people make comments about being a vegetarian. I think they are just jealous because they don't have the discipline to do it themselves? I dunno, I always want to tell them to butt out, I don't sit there and scrutinize what/how they eat!

    Anyhoodle, glad to hear you had a fab weekend!

  2. great job! keep it up babe! :)

  3. tnx guys! I just dnt get it! I so tink they are just jealous dat dey cant discipline demselves da way we do! but y comment! we dnt sit there going ewwwww ur eating meat! we say nutin and wer da ones dat r judged! gr made me angry!
    newho tnx for da support! x