Saturday, 25 July 2009

new day!

Right new day!
woke up an hour and 5 mins of body conditioning with leg weights on!
1 alpro soya yoghurt with protein.
1 laxee tea!
Ive gone to the toilet but its not enough yet! my stomach isnt flat enough for my liking just yet!
Im going for a walk with my mom later but while shes going shopping Im gonna go for a walk! this will def make up for my laziness yday! Also Im going to meet my friend 2nite and wer going out in her town! its always a gud laugh! so Im seeing her later yeh! plus when I go to her town I always score this boy and hes so charming so hope hes there!
got lots of numbers out on thursday night and Im texting 2 guys who both wna take me out! there not the hotties I was lukin for but whats da harm in a date eh! it could prepare me for my prince charming!
also my brother and I made a pact to do our ab workout everyday but we both didnt yday so Ill prolly be doing abs again with him! yeh!
well thats my news! Im only eating fruit today! hopefully my mom will go to lidl and get me a massive watermelon mmmmm.......

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