Friday, 10 July 2009


so last nite I kind of deflated which was surprising considoring I didnt no.2! but anyway Im not complaining! now today I have feckin diareah! my body is sooo messed up haha! I finished da watermelon this morning adn had a tin of kidneys beans with salad! and its only 10 past 2! I cleaned the house for an hour. Ive to get a bus into towna nd then another bus sumwhere else to get mri scans 2day and Im going to cinema straight after and then 2mro Im going to the airport so Im feeling a little frazzled! mmm what to do. like Ive eaten todays intake already! unless I pick up more watermelon?? that is a possibility Im not gna lie. den I can have that 2mro b4 I fly.......
anyway I think Ill do body conditioning while I watch desperate housewives and then I need to pack my bag! ahhh I hate getting public transport Id drive but its too far away and Im not licensed! haha! o fuck!!!
Im gna c bruno later yeh! sry lack of news! I tried to get with a guy who was so not amazingly hot but he was totally wasted I was pissed!
I decided Im gna have a one nite stand very advice?!
o btw my friend is really thin like shes a size 6/8 and I think shes smaller then me and I told her I got a dress and she has to borrow it for this party Im having and she was like wow what size is it am I goin to have to starve myself to fit into it?! I was like what yur thinner then me! I always say how unfair it is that u and ur sister are naturally thin! and she was like Lexy ur way thinner!
and then this morning I was like o my stomach is going crazy and she was like maybe u shud eat sumtin?!
maybe I am thinner then I think. I dont wna weigh myself tho numbers scare me and I n o Ill get obsessed. plus my moms hidden the scales teehee!

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  1. Totally know the feeling of scary numbers. (and the digestive chaos, ick :-\ )

    I'm prowatermelon.
    Good idea espesh if you fear a binge coming on. Although tons of fruit does make you go (if you know *wink*wink* what I mean...) but I prefer this to being all full of Sh*t.

    (I just know I get stressed when I have a busy, busy, busy ahead of me and don't know where to start. Stress=Binge=No Bueno!)