Monday, 27 July 2009

another day!

right so last night when Ii went to bed my mom was like goodnite lexy but I really wna see u eat properly 2mro! Fuck!!!!!!!! so we try and go for a walk everyday right and I got up and while she drove my brother to work I did an hour of body conditioning! anyway I hadnt eaten yet and she back and said wer not going for a wlak till u eat a proepr breakfast! but we dont have an alpro soya yoghurts or soya light milk or nothing I can thorw together to actually look like a breakfast so then I said I dont wna eat anything heavey b4 the walk so I had a lovely bowl of watermelon! how did I ever live without that fruit haha! anyway then it started raining so we havent gone walking yet! eek! and then she was like now u have time to eat something proper! shes pushing the ryvitas and weight watchers brown bread! I wanna be healthy right like thats why I now eat alpro soya yoghurts rather than muller lights bc their have flavourings and stuff in it even tho their less calories! but weight watchers bread is like really low calorie Id rather eat that then bread but Ims ure theres bad stuff in it. mmm what to do!
plus my mom and I are going away for 2 days with my brother and Im gonna hvae to eat carbs! grrr! The last time I ate one was like 2 weeks ago I had half a potato. also btw I no carbs are in fruit and stuff but I mean like bread potatoes and pasta like.
does anyone noo a good carb I cud eat to please my mom that wont detroy me. In health and fitness they saw bran is a really gud one so Im thinking I should have a bowl in the morning! I also read that! dun dun dun! reducing your cabr intake leads to constipation! hello! is this why Im always so constipated! anyway went to the toilet there this morning wow it was amaizng!
eek think wer going for our walk now in a sec!
also started re reading skinny bitch! man that book is so intense! I felt like I was getting a major lecture so stopped haha! they eat carbs and stuff just healthy ones like wholegrain rice and bread! I need to get carbs safely back into my diet but fear a massive wweight gain! Im gonna write to health and fitness and healthy and womans fitness and ask them to help me!
I also tried to take pics of my body for u guys! I was happy withh my stomach but not my inner thighs or triceps! so Im not ready yet Im sorry!
ok went walking there! had some melon now Im sorted woop didnt have to eat anything yet! cept my lovely fruit! no yoghurts in the gaf but I think wer going to do a shop in sainsburies wen we get to da apartment wer stayin at!
I told my mom I was gonna make a really healthy meal for us tomorrow which she is of course up for bc of her health kick! all I make is veggie stir fries and kidney bean salads! so I have to make something different! I said sweet potato and courgettes with stuffed peppers! altho screw da sweet potatoes dats so a carb haha!
neway Ill find a way to get my way teehee!
mite be eating bran flakes and alpro soya light milk starting 2mro xx
o ps mitnt have internet connection for the next 2 days! xx

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  1. Oatmeal is healthy and way filling (and, of course, delish!).
    I blend blueberries and add them (sooooo goood. mmmm.)
    of course I do add splenda and light sprinkle of salt (to bring out the flavors)

    Good Luck! Have tons of fun on your trip!