Sunday, 26 July 2009

woop woop!

guys I am so pleased with myself! yday I didnt eat anymore then I listed! I went out and didnt even drink my whole shoulder of vodka which is really gud too! yeh so pleased! today Ive had pereh tea my yoghurt and protein watermelon and delicious mango! all fresh my mom and I did such a gud fruit shop and guess what her and my dad are tryna lose a bit of weight so its a healthy healthy household right now! yeh! plus last night on the way to my freidns I drank luke warm peppermint tea with lemon and then I went to the toilet and had a lovely tummy for going out! plus my bum exercises are totally paying off! I was walking round in my pants yeh! haha! not happy with the inner thighs just yet but Ill get there! positive positive positive! gonna stick to fruit again today for the rest of the day! gonna walk with my mom and do my conditioning with weights on! I did double conditioning yday instead of the 2 walks bc the weather was meh! had such a gud time with my friend last night! yeh! how does my mood fluctuate this much its crazy! Im gonna have to go back and read my old posts bc I cnt member the last time I had a period but it was fairly recent Im sure! happy happy ha dunno y!I luv going out with my friend Siobhan bc we have so much fun and she nos Im weird with food! like I even brought my own breakfast for the next day and stuff and she didnt say anything! she always says Im so good for being able to be really healthy and I dont make her feel bad for ewating wat she wants!
anyhoodle thats it for now! xxx
update! I did my body conditioning for over an hour and an hour of walking! no dinner just frui! I rock xx

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  1. Nah, after 6 really isn't so hard. Considering I was a "9 to 5er" for 5 years I tend to think of 5 o'clock as the end of the day. I would always be famished by 5 o'clock and eat dinner right away, my body is pretty use to it. Plus, when I do get hungry I remember my rule, desire to lose weight and that I'm off to bed pretty soon anyhow. ((And when you're sleeping your not hungry!))

    You DO Rock!! And I love it when the people around me are on a "Diet Kick" (that's what I call it cuz they don't consider it a lifestyle change) they're all motivated and happy with themselves!

    Keep up the Awesomeness! I'm trying to follow your example :)
    (Must. Work. Out.)