Sunday, 12 July 2009

fruit and alcohol!

yes fruit and alcohol thats what I consumed today! yes a good deal of fruit but still I neverfully bloated up and I wave no evened out the 2 kidney beans in one day thing! however Im not going to have any kidney beans 2mro either bc I dont wna be bloaty when I possibly plan to get laid. thinking some one is going to see u naked soon is a really gud insentive to not eat. I did abs and legs today and a shit load of packing and cycling. 2mro more fruit fruit fruit mmmmmmmmm......! and more packing up my life in england for hopefully just untill september. Ive accumulated so much shit from all da shoplifting sprees. o well Im hitting river isand 2mro to possibly buy something and den h and m where my shoplifting temptations speak to me! haha!
mmmm so fruit fruit fruit vodka packing sorted. then flying back on tuesday! ahhh! actually stressin! but no worries thats making me poo right nw so all gud in da hood haha ps Im drunk now. x

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