Friday, 31 July 2009

yo yo

doing better today! conditioned gettin ready to go for a walk now. dont feel great about how Im looking but Im getting on with it! 2mro is the start of a new month! no eating after 8 o clock! going interailing now! booked it randomly after my breakdown! Im going for 9 days and do u no wat was hlding me back?! thinking about havingn to eat ut with ppl?! how ridiculous is that! anyway Im going now for 9 days on the 1st of september! Im hopefully gonna start 30 days of bikram yoga on monday! gna reintroduce carbs there! brown rice me think. Today I had melon and watermelon. yoghurt seeds and nuts. kidney bean salad. Im gna have sum more watermelon before 8 o clock and then Im finished for the night adn going out! woop woop!
also going out 2mro night! so wont be eating much 2mro either yeh!
I can do this!
k getting ready to walk xx

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