Thursday, 9 July 2009


Thank god yday is over. I went on a bit of a fruit binge and then had a veg stir fry! y all bc Im an idiot! I was driving to physio but all I was thinkin about was going too the super market after and picking up some food so what do I do! I drove to the supermarket whicih is in da total opposite direction of the physio! hah its kinda funny but I was so annoyed and then I was like Im sure I can findn a different way to drive to physio so I tried but failed so had to drive all da way back to my house to go! what person only knows 1 route haha. then I was all emotional treated my physio therapist like a counsellor and he asked me if I had a bf and I was like NO! and he said y did u say it like that. I told him Im so emotional and a total mess and that I would never inflict myself on anyone! haha! I was tearing up da whole sessin. so on the way home went to the supermarket and lifted loadsa fruit! Ive totally put myself of grapes tho which is amazing for me bc last time I was home I could eat like 3-5 boxes in a day! ewww! I might have a box this wkd but wel c.
Im drinking green t with lemon every morning. pereh t after lunch and slim t after dinner. Today Ive had a kidney bean salad. was well nice. Im gna work out now in a bit. Ive been doing this dvd sun power yoga for the last 2 days then body conditioning. I might walk to the supermarket and get sme melon and strawberries but Im not sure yet but thats a good 40 mins walk so its a gud idea.
Does anyone use this thingn called the speed shaper? I saw it in a magazine. It says u use it fr 7 mins a day. Id use it for at least 30 tho which cud possible have me ripped! o yeh! haha!
I wna hav sex sn! being a virgin is so not workin for me. In a way I just wna be so hot and untouchable to guys but on the other hand I just want sum1 to do me now! seriously. I wna go to river island now and just say to the hot guy u me changing rooms now haha! then he wud f course tink Im a slut when Im totally not. It really annoys me. ppl say Im hot and I no Im not ugly but I wna be hotter. the hottest. perfectin. ppl think Im like 16 when Im infact 22 bc I have a little girls body. I luv dat. especially in summer dresses I luk really young haha. but I wna be thinner thinner thinner. When I come back from england this wkd Im doing 30 days of bikram yoga! o yeh! have ne off u heard about it!
k so I walked down to tesco bought a watermelon and 2 litl packs of mango and diet 7up mmmmm!
40 min walk and an hour of conditioning. yeh! I woudl do more if I wasnt injured and meant to be takin it easy like. gna go practice my music now! luvage xx

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  1. I get lost all the time that's why I had to have Navi in my car! Which works wonders when I actually LISTEN/PAY ATTENTION to it!
    (I get carried away singing and dancing when I drive-I'm sure other drivers love getting stuck in traffic with me. haha)