Tuesday, 30 June 2009

eep not a gud day!

Well well! still depressed and have a cold getting out of bed showeing and getting dressed is such an effort! I still havent done my exercises 4 2day! but am gna go for a walk later and will def make sure I do my abs b4 bed! I got a job for the nxt 3 days so at least dat will get me some money and up and about! yeh! da bbq is cancelled 2nite so dnt have to start tinkin about excuses! I ate a tin of kidney beans salad and half a tin of baked beans 2day some seeds and a soya yoghurt! all b4 5.30 grrrrrr! Im not plsed with myself to say da least but dats been my 1st yoghurt in 4ever! same with da seeds! Ill be good for the nxt few days! its my bday on sunday and Im gin out friday and sat so wna be rly skinny so myabe 2 days of fluids?! mmmmmm
I did my foot exercises tho so I guess some exercise is better then none.
Im drinking pur eh tea? ne of u guys tried it! its meant to aid weight loss? plus Im still on da slim tea. man Im so fat rite now.maybe bc Ive 4 days of shit in my system! lovely! took dulcolax last nite! man dat stuff fucks up my stomach so I didnt sleep at all and still didnt relieve my constipation! grrr
Michael jackson dying of prescripton drug abuse freaks me out! Im on like 8 dif meds and have like painkillers everyday! plus all da natural shit I take. Im tryna kul it down! eek!
mmm what else?
Iv more poems to type up pls comment on them.
Thanks to dieting dancer for commenting! you are right tho I will try and write a positive poem haha! the nexts ones are still gna be all depresso tho bc wrote them all together in one night!
fluid diet nxt 2 days! let it work x

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  1. I've written depressing poems. It's a kind of therapy for me. Sometimes you just have to let out those sad emotions. But I am looking forward to a poem from you that talks about how much dance means to you. Someday, you may be inspired to write such a poem. When you do write it, I wanna read it! =)