Friday, 19 June 2009


Ok yday I did soooooooooo gud! yeh!!!!!!!!!
I got up and wanted to reclaim my family home bedroom. So I decided to throw away all my old clothes but then I decided I wud ebay them and all my old toys and beanie babies stuff like that! so I was up and about all day taking fotos and folding and setting up an ebay account. very productive. den I went to the doctor and got referred to specialists in Ireland to treat my injuries!
so I drank hot eater and lemon den at 3 o clock I had some pineapple! ( not 5 boxes 1) den at 6 I had a veggie stir fry. all dese tings were like 26 cals per 100 gram and den I had a wee salad later. lettuce tomato and beetroot!
Im sorry if ppl tink dats 2 much but dats an accomplishment for me. Ive decided def no snacking in fruit. dats my Im not asking my mom to or buying myself food anymore! its watevers safe food in da house already or nutin. but if shes going I can say pick up mushrooms or watever which have very few calories.

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