Thursday, 4 June 2009

Day 3+4

So yesterday was a good day! Im following the food combining rule! I bought a book about it when nothing else seemed to be working for my IBS! It states that you should eat fruit only in the morning and then after you eat anything else you shouldnt eat fruit again bc fruit is digested straight away in the morning but if you eat it after something digestion takes longer and the fruit gets trapped and begins to ferment in your body. mmm lovely! Then you cant eat carbs and proteins 2gether bc your body will only focus on digesting one and not the other. So you should eat carbs and veg at lunch time and then protein and veg in the evening! Im not eating carbs atm tho! So this is actually really helping me bc I can eat fruit is crazy quantities at time like no matter what I ate during the day Id want a box of grapes before going to bed! like thats ridiculous! It was more habitual more than anything else. So now once I eat anything else I cant eat fruit again! BRILLIANT!
Still loving the kidney beans atm but Im gonna have to get more protein I think! Another trip to Holland and Barreth this wkd. Im a bit annoyed tho at the moment my shoplifting habbits have stalled! I have da fear again! grrrr. How annoying I used to be fine just nipping into town getting a few things coming back and showing them to my roomates but now Im scared! I miss my best friend wer not really talking atm but we she got me into it and we used to do it together! It freaks me out now walking out passed alarms so afraid there gna go off so for now Im staying put. I started doing it when I first started being weird about food. Its all about beating the system for me. I always try find a way around everything. Not eating/ not going to school/ not paying for stuff.
Anywho really down today Im in college but cant dance for another 2 wk after getting my cast off so basically I will miss all the rehearsals for the summer show ie Im not in da summer show ie Im just here for no reason other than to be a crippled fucker who thinks about food all day! How exciting!!!!!!!!!
I just want the will power to fast for a few days. This weekend Im thinking only green veg. celery, cucumber and brocolli!
Last night I had an IBS attack dunno why but I did. I woke up and felt like my stomach was being knifed! awful awful feeling. basically I didnt have a bm yesterday despite drinking my laxee tee mmmm........Ill have to drink another soon.
Thats all for now I dont know whats happening with my life for the next 6 weeks doesnt luk like I can do much dancing. Ill start power walking jogging and cycling but not untill my foot is ready. So Ill do a bit of a crash diet week next week maybe. I need to mentally prepare. O also my friend is having a bday dinner next wk! its gud bc wer nearly all poor students so Im just gonna pretend to be poor and order a plate of chips and den not eat them!

I ate alot of fruit today! dun dun dun! too much fucking free time would be the problem! I got the fear so I didnt go shoplifting which usually gives me a bit of a high when I cant dance but anyway I went to get food and books to read! I just want it to be sunny 2mro so I can lie on the grass and read. then I dont feel as lazy as lying in bed! Did a bit of cycling and like 45 mins of what body conditioning I should! 2mro Im gonna go look for a job oh the joys of being a cripple!
loys of laxee tea 2day! woop woop no.2's!


  1. So glad you happened to find my blog! I see we definitely share a common interest! I am looking forward to reading up on your blog! =)

  2. your comment. I'm so sorry about your injury. I have been lucky *knock on wood* and have not had an injury besides spraining and twisting a few ankles here and there. I am dancing quite a bit at the moment, I've got 5 shows this weekend...but then my school closes for the summer. So I'll be in your same boat with no all! Unless I try and find a school that teaches during the summer. I wish you luck with must be so hard not to be able to do what you love to do. =( Lookin forward to reading up on your blog more! hang in there!