Monday, 1 June 2009

New Week!

Right its a new week and I dont no where I stand at all at all! Im pretty surre nothing has changed and I totally od'd on fruit last night but that was to be expected! mmm....well Im going to go to holland and barret and get some hemp protein which has been suggested by Vegan On Stage and then to sainsburys to get my favourite kidney beans! and lots of healthy healthy veg! and a bag of carrots which is from now oon my new snack!
Im getting my cast off 2mro thank fuck! and then I will be back exercising full on! but I cant launch in2 bc I am not getting myself injured again! If I look of by saturday I might go swimming. Its sooo sunny here at the moment ppl are walking around in bikinis even tho theres no beach or anything near us! theres no way Im bikini ready!
stay thin x

Ok Ive eaten a gud bit of fruit today but never ate it when I was really full! I got little mango snack packs for the next 3 days so hopefully I wont buy much more fruit over the next few days! I got my kidney beans and some other types to experiment with! Their all organic and in water! along with the sweetcorn and beatroot I got! Omg how embarressing! my poo for the last 2 days has been red! At first I thought it was blood which has happened before and I had to have a colonoscopy! but Im almost 100% sure its from the beans and beetroot! hey at least Im actually going atm! and I went to Holland and Barrett! I got sum manuka honey to have in hot water with lemon bc my throat is sooo sore today and I cudnt find hemp protein anywhere so I got this flaxseed and pumpkin seed mix thats high in protein? is that gud enough Vegan On Stage? also! Im going back to being a Vegan! I thought giving up my MullerLights would be life ruining so I invested in some alpro soya yoghurts. but then I realised I love my laughing cow extra light cheese spread! its only 20 calories? but hey Ill try go without it for the time being! Im back taking pro biotics again and I got some natural weight loss tablets! its a 2 week plan. It includes a diet plan which Ive yet to read but Im gonna start it 2mro! exciting. I like having a plan! and it starts the day I get my cast off! The get my life back on track diet! woop woop! k I just read the 2 week diet plan its basically a 1500 calorie diet dont eat 3 hrs b4 bed. low fat dairy. it says to have vegetables but not sweetcorn or peas?! tear y is this I bought 3 tins of sweetcorn today! I love the stuff!?!! and omg I just started to drink my laxative tea it is disgusting! haha o well Ill try anything! xx

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