Friday, 5 June 2009

Day 5

It actually kind of depressing that in the time Ive started this Im pretty sure my body has not changed one bit! o well! what to do! I went to bed really late last nite so I would wake up late today and not eat as much! clever eh! so Its now 2 o clock and Ive had my alpro soya organic yoghurt with some linseeds to help me poop and milled organice pumpkin and sunflower seeds plus my fat metabolizer tablet and a pre bio 7 tablet. Now Im having a herbal tear. I read the back of my laxx tea last night bc I was wondering why I only got like 10 tea bags! But it says your only suppose to take it 4 a week and then not continue it. Its not a long term solution to constipation but I thought it would matter like bc its herbal. But maybe its hard on te system or something?? Ill google it and see whats it says.....
We hear the word herbal and automatically associate it with something good healthy and natural. For the most part, herbals are wonderful. Unfortunately, when used improperly, they can be harmful.
Stimulant laxatives herbs work by irritating the walls of the intestine to increase peristalsis. Over time and especially with abusive use, it can damage the intestines.
Wow that was insightful! Fuck jesus u have to be careful with everything dont you! I love reading the back of food packages tho! dunno why haha!
ugh so bored of being in bed all day now! O my friend is on her way woop woop! laters xxxxxx

OMG I tink the herbal laxxtea is attacking my insides! ow! major nuerofen is needed! ok thats it! still sticking to my food combining! and diet of alpro soya yoghurt fruit and veg! o and kidney beans! ne one recommend any other types of beans I can experiment with? x

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