Thursday, 25 June 2009


So yday I think could have possibly been my most successful day ever! I got up studied my music theory for ages in da glorious sunshine! I drank lots of water. traded the kidney beans for baked beans which actually have less calories dan da kidney beans. I didnt cook vegetables I used frozen ones so that way I didnt cook too much! It went so well! flat stomach all day! Did my exercises too! and I got exercises to do for my foot aswell so hopefully Ill be on da mend!
Today Im drinking so Ill stop eating early! so not too much vodka will be needed! also Im still tlkin to that boy and Im prolly gna c him again on saturday! he better be impressed by my flat stomach haha! no he wont c it dat soon but hel no its der! haha!
boys boys boys! haha der gna replace my food!

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