Monday, 29 June 2009



Is it wise to have one passion
and give it your all?
When it makes you so disciplined,
strong and helps you stand tall.

But what happens the day it is taken away?
Now you dont feel so sure of yourself.
You are from from okay.

All your eggs were in that basket,
which has been broken, battered and destroyed.
Too ruined to pick up the pieces
Your life now has a void.

Can you really move on without feeling bitter?
You need some one to blame,
lashing out at anyone and everybody,
God I feel lame.

What had your discpline thought you,
that you can reapply,
Is this really happening,
surprise you start to cry.

Fuck it! whats the point,
You lost yourself in your passion,
after years of commitment and training
were you ever content?

1 comment:

  1. Jeez, I like this one too. You have obvious talent here. You project your feelings about not being able to dance in these poems...but... I think I may want to hear how dance once made you feel and how you long to be back on the dance floor. I would love to see a poem that mentions how much dance means to you. You seem so passionate about dance. Awesome poem! =)