Monday, 1 June 2009


I just watched the Thin documentary. It was soooo sad! I dont understand why we cant just all be a nice healthy weight if we eat a balanced diet! but its soooo not as simple as that. I just feel so upset after watching it. I know lately I havent been as extreme as I used to be but by starting this blog and reading yours I wanted to be motivated to get back into extreme dieting again. Watching documentaries on ED usually inspire me and give me tips but that just made me sad and made me grateful that I do have a good life and that I should enjoy it more and think about food less. The girl Britanys story was the saddest I thought. I hope she gets sorted. It made me really angry that the government doesnt offer more support for people with EDs. Anyway just felt like a bit of a blog after that. Has anyone else watched it? xxx

no carbs/dairy today x


  1. I've watched it too. There are updates online about people's progress- Polly died and Brittany is still struggling. I think Shelley is doing well now, as is Alisa.

  2. Polly died! wat! omg I cant believe she tried to kill herself after eating two slices of pizza. Its just awful! I hate how much eating food can affect our lives. why when we were little as in rly young did we not think about this. I think I was fine untill about 12. Im gonna go look at the updates now. Thanks Ellie xx