Monday, 22 June 2009


went spreeing with my gud friend we didnt eat all day den I ate sum lettuce but by 7 was so hungry ate a good sized veg stir fry with kidney beans! still successful I tink no fruit! well impressed! walked a gud bit too certainly wasnt sitting around all day doin nutin. I got loads of clothes still have da fear tho and got green tea diet supplements and also slimming tea! It was way too hot today tho to drink tea so just water and lemon. my stomach was quiete flat this morning! yeh!
I met up with my other friends 2 are girls and r naturally sooo skinny! it wrecks my head all thru skul da pair ate like heffers while I was on diet after diet! anyway my male friend said we were all as thin as eachother? he sounded genuine but watever I no Im da heffer of da group!
stay thin xx

k I no its very early but Ive been tlkin lots to this boy and Im prolly gna c him again on sat! My parents r going away sn so free house? mmm lose my virginity maybe? what do we think? I wna be in love but Im thinkin dat mite never happen for me. I wnt to be so skeletal and fragile like hel be afriad to break me! y does dat sound so gud?! x


  1. I'm surprised that you're still a virgin at 22. But please don't give in if you want to wait for True Love. My sister was a virgin til she got married at age 30! Even if you don't wait til you're married, you should wait til it's with someone you love. I know that I did and did not regret it. I was 17 and in Love and he loved me too. We got married when I turned 18. We broke up before our 1st anniversary, but I'll always have my memories!!!

  2. awww dats lovely! I hate my body a guy wud reject me! I cud of have sex ders been pportunities but Ive never been physically gud enuf to be seen naked!