Monday, 15 June 2009

shit buzz!

got up too early! made da day longer and me eat more! grrr! I stuck to fruit and veg of course but I stuffed myself and I feel like a sloth now! Im rly tired too. When I go home home on wednesday wnt be able to eat as much fruit bc I wnt be doin da shoppin so I can only eat stuff in da quantities my mom buys. whereas here I go and lift food and then demolish! 2mro will be my last day of getting loads of fruit and veg so I plan to enjoy it! but hopefully without getting da full bloated feeling! I wnt watermelon and grapes and mango and cherries! mmmmm! damn my obsessive behaviour tho! cnt wait for me and my bf to diet 2gther!

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  1. My mom just recently started a diet and they told her fruit is encouraged but stay away from:

    • Grapes
    • Bananas
    • Oranges

    because they have a "Loads" of sugar.

    I'm not really sure how much more or if they are just over exaggerating but just thought I'd pass along the info in case you may be interested.