Sunday, 7 June 2009

Day 7!

So its the end of another week! I have basically changed nothing! although I am a little less bloated. I suppose Im vegan again and havent been overly obsessively binging on fruit!
Today I tried to fight da fear and go shoplifting! I hope yout so u guys dont think Im an absolute chav for doing it but it gives me such a high and I get so scared about doing it that it totally has to speed up my metabolism.
Today I went to Holland and Barrett. I was going to try and get some soya protein mix but they only had one on the shelf and it was beside the counter so no can do. Altho I did get Shelled Organic Hemp. It says it is HIGH IN PROTEIN! which is what I want. I spent so long looking at the protein bars. They all looked so delicious. But I couldnt get one. Id get hooked and I couldnt live with myself it I ate one. o well. I also got pro bio 7 advanced formula. Their suitable for vegans. Then I also got Slimatee a natural herbal aid. From the same company that provided me with laxxee tee! It says to take 1 cup every night for 2 weeks. So Im not going to start untill I finish he 2 weeks of fat metaboliser tablets and my last few laxee tees.
I went to Boots 2. I have the fear there aswell bc of the alarms. I used to take so much from there like loads of ST Tropez fake tan but theyve alarmed it all now so Im using a Boots brand which is actually really nice and scent free. Im really not that big a fan of St Tropez at all. So I went to Boots again so I think I feel safe there now which is good. I havent gotten any clothes in a while. Im just not ready to go back yet. Even thought I know what works and what doesnt I cant do it!
I went back to Borders aswell but I bought a dvd just in case. Those alarm systems scare da crap out of me. I know Ive said this before but I was reading a book and it said people who have disordered eating patterns are prone to shoplifitng and abusive drinking! haha that is so me. Got a belt and some nail varnish too. I really wish I could go get some clothes. But I cant!
Back to eating Im having the same old same old today :)
I really wanna try something new but what beats fresh fruit and veg and kidney beans :)

Can you use stuff like berts bees lip balm if your a vegan? do they harm the bees? x


  1. Stop shoplifting!! I just got caught in boots, been doing it two years. Seriously,it was horrible when i got caught. Find another way to get the thrills if you can, its like not worth getting a fucking huge fine and a permenant record for. Plus a lifetime restraining order. Fucking sucks..

  2. Um, well me and my friend were getting foundation, we walked out, and the security guy came out, and was like 'can you go back inside' then they took us into like a back office, and added up the cost of everything. Turns out someone saw and reported us, then they watched the security camera. So they called the police, who took us home in a police car. I got a £168 fine, a restraining order and a permanent record. My mum was so pissed, but cause im under 18 they couldnt take it any further than that. But im grounded for the whole of summer which really sucks. But yeah, i think thats everything. It so wasnt worth it you know? Like the thrills and all is good, but getting caught was shit.