Monday, 29 June 2009

Stage Face,

Stage Face

She ties her pointe shoes
and blinks her eyes,
3 of her toes are broken,
its no surprise.

Gruelling rehersals, no understudy and underpaid,
was this what she worked so hard for,
everything for which she had prayed?

Warming up sends shooting pains through her body,
she pops a few extra pills,
will they stop the spasms please!

She gets the 5 minute call and takes her place,
Thank God for stage make up,
Its plastered over her sad face.

If only she could cover her eyes,
the windows to her soul,
that is filled with such saddness,
its taking its toll.

Her parents are in the audience,
front seats and waving.
They look at their daughter, so proud.
"Isnt she amazing".

So she puts on her stage face with the help of valium, excedrin and benedrol.
She will never tell them that what she wanted and what she got was not the same thing,
not at all.

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