Monday, 29 June 2009


K Im back. went to a physio he had positive things to say which is good but I am in soooo much pain and so dwn. I managed to exercise tho which is gud and I practised so much theory and piano and Im gna do more later as well as abs with my brother! we made a pact to do them everynite! so Im gna be doing 2 sets! I love doing stuff with ppl. I ate my tins of beans and den some veg. Im so constipated tho. seriously Ive only run out of my stool softeners 2 days and Im totally bunged up! also my mom got me laxatives bc I am actually constipated! Ive taken some but nothing! Im on like day 4 of the slimming tea. Im pretty sure Im just getting fatter and fatter...... :(
I want another tin of beans.........
NOOOOOO! haha dnt wri Im s not breakin! no fruit today to make up for yesterdays melon! pls dont judge! I wnted it!
anyway last nite I was majorly depressed adn wrote sum poetry! seriously! The words were just flowing! Ive never written a poem before! Im gonna type up some so actually let me no what u think! if its shit its shit! and Ill totally take it down haha! xx

ok I ate an apple! drinkin my slim tea now x

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  1. Glad you were able to exercise, that always makes me feel better!