Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Ok was practically caught shop lifting there! food of course! fruit is just too expensive! I had stuff in my bag and den I noticed this guy come out of the back where da camera footage is and follow me around. I saw him and picked up stuff and bought it and walked out but it wasnt untill I left that he turned around. I guess they have this policy I read about where they just let u no they no and u get the shit scared out of u and never go back! which is whats gonna happen! I need that seriously! and I think it will help with my eating habbits! Id luv to be able to just do a weekly shop but I eat so much fruit and veg I end up going in2 places almost everyday! and fruit is not cheap! ahhhhhhhh! scary stuff! well thats put me in my place now! I am never going in there again! you no I was thinkin of not moving house next yr coz its so close to that shop and its easy to lift from there! well not anymore! get me away from there haha!

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  1. ahhh dont get caught! and yea fruit is expensive, it succckkss..

    but in responce to your comment about 96 lbs, no i didnt feel sick. i still ate and stuff..like i never used to fast, but i would just eat mainly veggies and low cal snacks and stuff. and i worked out twice everyday, hard both times. so i always had a lot of energy. my hair was falling out bad tho, and i didnt get a period for over two years. i def like being skinny, but even now i gotta admit that it was too thin for me! my whole fam sat me down and said they'd send me to a rehab center if i didnt gain weight. personally, i felt fine, but i was so bony and everyone was mean to me about how thin i was...and THATs why i agined weight lol..mainly to avoid rehab tho.


    good luck hun!!<3