Sunday, 28 June 2009


oh great Im fuckin depressed again. didnt meet up with da boy yday! I have a fear of getting close to ppl and letting them in hence da whole virgin ting. I dnt wnt any1 to no me! or dey wud fuckin run! I am doing this guy a favour by not meetin up with him. was so bloated last nite. I ran out of my stool softeners and havent gone to the toilet since yday! ugh! so didnt wake up to my flat tummy today. also finished my fat metaboliser tablets today but I started drinking my 2 week slimming tea programme last nite. My body is sick and disgusting. I hate it I hate my life. I think I am officially depressed. I always no wen Im getting proper depressed bc I just wna go to bed and cnt control wen Im cryring. Today Ive eatin a tin f baked bins one portion of veg and half a baby melon. Im gona eat da other half and do abs and drink my slimtee and then either go to bed or practice my keyboard o shit I have to shower too. ugh do I rly give a fuck! wats a shower anyway. Im just goin to have to c my fuckin ugly naked body! skip it I say! I need laxatives!

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