Thursday, 11 June 2009

3 yoghurts!

Well bc my scheduele is totally fucked up now bc I had to get up at 8.20! so it meant I ate soooooooo much bc the day was so much longer. I had 3 yoghurts! alpro soya organic! eek! o well what can you do I was bound to binge sooner or later. Its awful I swear I can feel my thighs getting fatter. Well fuck it I dont give a shit. 2mro I am not having kidney beans or yoghurts. Lots of tea is my plan but I dont no fully how da eating will go yet. I don have ne food in my house. I wna just do tea till wednesday but I dont think it will work but I want it to bc then I will have dropped something b4 I go home on wednesday. Ill try to do it. If Im hungry I can eat celery x

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