Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Still a Vegan!

Day 2 and Im still a Vegan to be honest its not that hard and Im happy to be having my alpro soya yoghurts except the nicest flavours blueberry and cherry got squashed in my back pack so I only have 4 peach ones now! O well! there 22 less calories then da muller lights although a good bit smaller but less sweeteners and flavourings! woop woop! I love being healthy even if I dont feel it! I havent been tempted to have my extra light laughing cow cheese spread yet although I have lots of packets in my fridge aswell as loads of quorn products in my freezer which I still havent used! eek! o well! I love summer its sooo sunny out Im wearing shorts and a t-shirt and yes my legs are a lilttle fat and my arms need major toning but still I love lukin summery!!!
Im gonna go do my arms ass and abs now! then Im getting my stitches out! Plus Il be cycling to and from the hospital which I also did yesterday so Im def getting more exercise now that Im back here! Plus Ive taken my two fat metaboliser tablets for the day! I dont think theres fat in my diet tho! well maybe the soya yoghurts and the flaxseed stuff mmmmm. o well got them now so Im taking them anyway!
Enjoy the sun! xx

Omg Ellie just informed me that theres egg in quorn! omg thank god I didnt eat any! but its made me realise that veganism isnt going to be long term for me but sure wel c how I go! Atm Im taking Lindewoods health food mixes! Ive just been reading about them online. I love reading the health benefits so I think Im gonna mix it up and try a new packet every week or every time I run out of one. Im gonna luk at the protein shakes aswell when I go to Holland and Barreth next! Ne brand recomendations? Im so tempted to get the bars but I know Il lose control of myself if I do.

Also today on youtube I watched The Truth About Online Anorexia! it wasnt that good an Fearne Cotton was the presenter! I think she is absolutly stunning! so of course she wouldnt be affected by anything like this. She said she was 9 stone and happy blah blah u c the ting is I dont believe ppl when they stay stuff like that and they go out and have dinner and cake with their friends?! She does run 5k 3 times a week so she does look after herself like. mmmmmmm I dunno. Anyway I secretly think other ppl go take on these documentaries so they can have a boot camp and lose weight but Fearne didnt stick to any diets she tried the rainbow diet and the 2 4 6 8 diet but didnt finish either of them. She saidt she didnt want to so I thought fair play she must be happy in herself so it made me like her a bit more. To be honest though she went to schools and talke to young kids about diets and calories just to see if they knew about them but stuff like that makes me think about them more. We had a talk about eating disorders in my dance school and it made me feel weak hearing some stories! But I have to keep telling myself I dont wanna be ill I wanna be happy healthy and beautifully underweight haha! just give me thinner legs, bony arms and protruing hips and Ill be happy! thats all I ask!!!!


  1. you are going completely vegan? quorn has egg in it.

  2. oh yeh! 4got bout dat! o well I havent eaten quorn in da last 2 days! ok when Im back dancing Im gonna have to be just a vegetarian again bc I need my protein form quorn! damn it! grrrrrrr 4got bout that! tnx for pointing it out haha!

  3. omg im a vegan too! lemme know if you need any help with food and stuff <3

  4. hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and honestly, I think you might be taking your diet a bit too obsessively...well, just like your blog title. There is no such thing as a "beautifully and healthy underweight." and even if you got to your goal weight...life won't get any happier unless you have peace with yourself for the way you are. Please take care...I'm sorry for sticking my nose into your business...but it's a bit like deja vu to me because I was the same way before I got sucked into my ED...

  5. Tnx for ur comment but right now I only feel comfortable eating certain foods which I call safe foods - fruit and veg unfortunatly sometimes the quantities can be a bit extreme but Ive defineelt toned it down a bit! kidney beans for protein! no carbs and at the moment one alpro soya organic yoghurt a day with a spoon of lindenwoods crushed pumpic and sunflower seeds-ders more protein in there and some good fats! compared to other ppls blogs Im an over eater!