Sunday, 21 June 2009

sat and sunday!

Update! asked my mom did she wna go for a walk! went for a full on hour and I did my abs ass and arms wen I came back! x

Omg wat a wkd guys! Im in love haha! not really but I scored (kissed) this guy I!
really like and I think he could like me too. Hvaent eaten too much this wkd. Just da usual fruit and veg a spoon of kidney beans here and there. My mom bought a watermelon which I could not resisting but I havent eaten grapes in ages or carbs so I feel great.
Im gonna start going swimming on tuesday I think I gt an extra large girls one piece its pink and way cute. Its a bit tight but Im gna slim into it. So Im thinking a 2 day lettuce diet perhaps or actually my mom bought these oriental stiry fry things which are only 26 cals per 100 gram so I think Ill stick to them and lettuce!
ok I no this is ridickulous but I am a virgin. I am very unlucky with guys and never rly have time for them bc of my dancing but I think I used to use that as an excuse alot. Im always like I feel like I want my body to be perfect so when a guy gets with me and possibly rejects me after every1 wud be like wtf she has an amazing body?! does that make sense to neone?!
anyway so this is totally stupid Ive kissed this guy once and Im already thinking about how to avoid eating food infront of him and if it did get serious not with him but with any guy Id hav to tell them I have ibs which is o so attractive and I have to take 4 pills every time I eat!
My friend and I are going shopping 2mro so it will be easy not to eat with her bc she supports whatever I do and she wants to diet too. Wer gonna go to holland and barrett to get diet pills! and laxee tea. Im still taking my fat metaboliser tablets which I tink are affecting my sleep pattern. I dont no if der working tho bc I dnt tink Im actually having any fat in my diet. It actually does just consist of fruit veg kidney beans and vodka! haha! I wont be drinking again till thursday which is gud. I went for a walk yday with my mom and I worked out in my room. didnt do anything today but walked home from town last nite which takes like 40 mins and walked to and from the bus stop today another 40 mins den around town and stuff. Ill def go 4 walk and condition 2mro!
I wna be perfect! I wanna be thin! I wna feel so confident! and I wanna lose my virginity!
I feel like Ive gone past the stage of it being ok for it to be a virgin! like I actually tink if ppl knew deyd tink I was a freak! y didnt I just lose it on holidays like everybody else and get it out of da way! y y y?!
neway wel c wat happens with this guy......
anyone recommend any diet pills?? xx

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