Friday, 12 June 2009

Valium yum

So today is the first day in ages! that I have restricted the quantities of what I eat even tho I eat mega healthily. But today Im not eating any soya yogirhurts since I ate 3 yesterday and Im not eating any beans either. Ive eaten a stick of celery an orange and I might have a mini veg stir fry with spinach, mushrooms, pepper and courgettes cooked in soya sauce and juice of a fresh lemon and garlic to speed up the metabolism.
So now of course my mind is all like ok this means everyday you can have one fruit and a veg stir fry. Why is it so hard to listen to what it wants. I always have to go off and make up these rules that never revolve around how by body feels. I actually eat so much fruit and veg bc its a safe food and I fill myself with it even if I feel sick. Its not very good. My minds a tad crazy. I bullshitted to da doctor yday and got myself a pack of valium mmmmmmm.........
so the plan is to take loads and knock myself out and wake up thin haha!

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