Saturday, 6 June 2009

Day 6

I think Im bored of kidney beans, fruit and veg........
o and last night it wasnt the laxxee tea attacking me I got my period this morning! woop woop 2 months in a row! In a way Im happy and not happy at the same time! Ive had about 4 periods in the last 2-3 years! haha but at least 2 months in a row is consecutive! hasnt been that way before! Hopefully I wont be getting osteoporosis nw :)

having sum lax tea now Im nearly done with my supply so Ill give da intestines a break from it!
Omg am so gonna get busted soon for stealing my roomates food! Its not my fault I dont plan to but I get hungry and take sumtin I think will be unoticable! but then it gets noticed! Ive eaten a whole box of sumones cereal b4! and I take tins of stuff too! When there not in I love to look through their cuboards just to see what I considor is normal stuff to eat! My cuboard is so different to theirs and my shelf in the fridge! I always have yoghurts (now alpro soya organic) fresh fruit and veg! I still have sum laughing cow light cheese but Im not gonna eat it. The my cuboard is full of baked beans and beans in vinagerette or chilli sauce! but I dont wna eat them nemore I just want beans in water so I just have a load of tins!! Im taking probiotics religiously after my meals and I actually think they are helping with the bloating! I took pictures of my stomach today! and my arms to monitor them! looking at them is different then looking at my body directly. I feel different to how I look.

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